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Reasons to consider becoming an Legacy Supporter:

• Easy on your budget. Making a monthly contribution is easier on the pocket than a one-time gift

• Convenience. Your grant to the Oneida Health Foundation continues monthly without having to renew

• The monthly deductions from your credit card will begin the day you complete your Legacy Support grant online and are “legacy,” meaning that they are ongoing until you ask us in writing to stop the grant, which you can do at any time. You are always in complete control of your grant support.

• You establish that you value the Oneida Health Foundation as an important representative and leader of natural and alternative health services

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$11/month – OHF Patron

$22/month – Spirit Circle

$30/month – Dollar-A-Day Club

$44/month – Lotus Society

$88/month – Dharma Society

$220/month – Change Agent Club

$1,100/month – High Vibe Tribe

$2,200/month – Raphael Society

What our members are saying

I attended a wellness workshop sponsored by the Oneida Health Foundation - and they provided me with much needed information about how to integrate my traditional healthcare with several alternatives (acupuncture and energy work) to supplement my healing.

Karen F.