Equal Access to Health Alternatives


Our Mission

The mission of the Oneida Health Foundation is to educate and assist individuals gain access to alternative healing modalities to improve their wellness and healing process. We connect people and practitioners to empower healers and those needing healing; while educating the community on the benefits of natural and alternative healthcare. The Oneida Health foundation bridges the gap between our current healthcare model and the emerging integrative and alternative model of fostering ongoing wellness. Our goal is to one day have a global healthcare system which includes traditional, natural and alternative modalities to achieve better quality of life for all individuals.

Our Values


We work with integrity, to foster an atmosphere of respect, to partner and collaborate with others to address the wellness needs of the community and enhance the value of our current healthcare system.


We are knowledgeable about the services and practices available throughout the vast health and wellness industry. We leverage our knowledge to enable the creation of better partnerships between patients and practitioners to create better wellness outcomes.


We provide compassionate and creative leadership across the holistic health field - We are a catalyst for change.

Equal Access

We believe that all persons have a right to wellness and access to the services which can help them achieve and maintain optimum health - regardless of their socio-economic status.


Our advocacy efforts will be focused on expanding the dialogue around healthcare to include all modalities (both allopathic, natural, and spiritual) which have been proven to positively impact an individuals’ health and well-being