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The mission of the Oneida Health Foundation is to bridge the gap between traditional and holistic medicine by providing a way to improve access to alternatives for all. We believe health is a right of all individuals; regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation and/or socio-economic status. OHF builds partnerships with health practitioners, wellness centers and communities to deliver affordable holistic health services. We help individuals gain access to alternative healing modalities to improve their wellness and heal. We connect people and practitioners to empower healers and those needing healing; while educating the community on the benefits of natural and alternative healthcare.

During these challenging times (COVID-19, increasing socio-economic disparities, etc.)

We are focusing our efforts on segments of our community most at risk:

  •  Pregnant Women, New mothers and Children through Age 3 (women of color)
  •  Teens
  •  Individuals and Caregivers coping with Cancer

The Oneida Health Foundation is a 501(c)3 based in Connecticut.

Our Mission in Action

We fulfill our mission by:

• Partnering with state agencies and community organizations to provide mental health programs

• Providing goods to help pregnant and postpartum women and their children

• Providing discount services and free goods to support those coping with Cancer

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Positive Packs Campaign

In March 2021, we launched our Positive Packs by partnering with wellness in CT and CA to provide much needed supplies to those in the midst of cancer treatment and recovery. Each bag has $150 worth of goods to help with healing body, mind and spirit. We appreciate your support. 


Positive Packs 

Mommy & Me Bags Campaign

We are kicking off 2021 by partnering with local organizations in CT and CA to provide much needed supplies to new mothers and their babies. Each bag has $150 worth of starter goods for moms. We appreciate your support. 


Mommy & Me Bags 

Equal Access. Saves Lives.

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