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According to a nationwide CDC/NCHS survey 1 in 3 (36 percent) of American adults use some form of complimentary or alternative health care. However, insurance doesn’t cover these services and many are forced to stop treatment due to the expense – A Healthy Life is an Equal Right.

The mission of the Oneida Health Foundation is to educate and assist individuals gain access to alternative healing modalities to improve their wellness and healing process. We connect people and practitioners to empower healers and those needing healing; while educating the community on the benefits of natural and alternative healthcare. The Oneida Health foundation bridges the gap between our current healthcare model and the emerging integrative and alternative model of fostering ongoing wellness. Our goal is to one day have a global healthcare system which includes traditional, natural and alternative modalities to achieve better quality of life for all individuals.

There are three ways to partner with us:

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The Oneida Health Foundation wants you to know that you can help those in your community get access to health services they need to recover from an illness and to prevent disease. Our programs will begin providing services to those in need starting in Connecticut, New York and California.

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The Oneida Health Foundation offers Education Awareness events to clients and the community. We take information about alternative healthcare and services directly to the community, offering education workshops to residents and supportive services to practitioners. Our goal is to provide stipends to residents for alternative health care services within each of the communities we serve.

What Our Members Say...

OHF gave a wonderful presentation to our wellness center staff - we look forward to partnering with OHF to help our clients gain access to holistic health services we offer...

C. Dumas- Practitioner/Center Owner

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